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D2 Tool Steel (X153CrMoV12)
12% chrome steel, very high resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear due to a high volume of hard carbides in the steel matrix, good toughness, very good dimensional stability, high compressive strength, very good base material for PVD/CVD coating as well as nitriding due to its secondary hardening properties. Similar to AISI D2.

Applications: Cutting, punching, stamping tools, shear blades, thread rolling dies, cold extrusion dies, drawing and bending tools, flanging and straightening rolls, fine cutting tools, deep drawing tools, plastic moulds for abrasive polymers.

Colour Code
Stocked Sizes  
Condition of Delivery Soft annealed to max. 255 HB
Related Specifications
  Germany  DIN 1.2379
Chemical Composition %
  Carbon 1.55
Chromium 12.00
Molybdenum 0.80
Vanadium 0.90
Physical Properties
Thermal expansion coefficient
Thermal conductivity
Heat Treatment
Soft Annealing
Temperature Cooling Hardness
820 - 850oC furnace max 255 HB
Stress Relief Annealing
Temperature Cooling
600 - 650oC furnace
Temperature Cooling Tempering
1020 - 1030oC oil, pressure (N2)
air or hot bath
500 - 550oC
see tempering diagram
usually < 300°C
1040 - 1080oC oil, pressure (N2)
air or hot bath
500 - 550oC
see tempering diagram
usually 500°C
Thermal Cycle Diagram

Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagram (CCT)

Tempering Diagram

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