D3 Tool Steel (X210Cr12)

D3 toolsteel is a 12% chrome steel, it has very high wear resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear due to the high volume of hard carbides in the steel matrix, medium toughness, dimensionally stable, high compressive strength, not secondary hardenable.

Applications: Highly stressed cutting and punching tools for thin sheets, profile rolls, drawing and deep drawing tools, stone processing tools, knives for paper and plastics, shear knives for thin sheets.
Colour Code Stocked Sizes


60 mm - 262.5 mm Dia80 mm x 50 mm - 150 mm x 30 mm
Condition of Delivery
Soft annealed to max. 248 HB
Related Specifications
Germany DIN 1.2080
Chemical Composition
Carbon 2.10
Chromium 12.0
Physical Properties
Thermal expansion coefficient
Thermal conductivity
Heat Treatment
Soft Annealing
Temperature 800 - 840oC
Cooling furnace
Hardness max 248 HB
Stress Relief Annealing
Temperature 600 - 650oC
Cooling furnace
Temperature 950 - 980oC
Cooling oil, pressure (N2)
air or hot bath
500 - 550oC

Hardness see tempering diagram
Thermal Cycle Diagram
Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagram (CCT)
Tempering Diagram
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