Grey Iron 2P

Colour Code
Typical Mechanical Properties
Material Grade Material Section Anticipated Tensile Values N/mm² Hardness(BHN) Matrix
2P-300C EN 16482 ENGJL-300C 20 < D ≤ 50 220 190-260 Predominantly Pearlitic
50 < D ≤ 100 205
100 < D ≤ 200 195
200 < D ≤ 400
Stocked Sizes Round SizesFrom 25 - 700 MM dia. Not all sizes are stocked in Australia but they are available on mill order
Flat SizesAvailable on mill order from Europe
A grey cast iron exhibiting good strength and wear resistance
Typical Composition
Min. % Max. %
Carbon 2.95 3.45
Silicon 2.10 2.90
Manganese 0.55 0.75
Sulphur 0.04 0.07
Phosphorous 0.10 0.20
Iron balance
Brinell Hardness (BHN) Test 10mm dia Ball 3000Kg load depending on section size. Hardness readings are taken across the entire section of the bar. Hardness values for rectangles depend on the ratio of height to width and can be supplied upon request.
Microstructure Contains type ‘A’ graphite flakes in accordance with ISO 945. The rim zone contains fine types ‘D’ and ‘E’ interdendritic graphite. The core matrix is greater than 90% pearlite. The rim matrix is a ferrite/ pearlite mixture. The rim may contain up to 5% dispersed fine carbides.
Heat Response Heat Treat Response: 2P - 300C is suitable for all conventional methods of heat treatment, with hardness levels of up to HRc 50 achievable.

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