385 Brass

Brass alloy 385 has been specifically developed for the mass production of brass components in high speed lathes,providing maximum output and long tool life.

Typical applications are nuts, bolts and screw threads.
Colour Code Stocked Sizes
Red (Bar End)

Rounds 4.76 mm to 101.6 mm diameter
Squares 9.52 mm to 50.8 mm A/F
Hexagons 9.52 mm to 44.45 mm A/F
Bar Finish
Cold Drawn
Related Specifications
Australia AS 1567-385
Germany DIN 1.7672 CuZn39Pb3
Great Britain BS 2847-CZ121
UNS C38510
Chemical Composition
  Min. % Max. %
Copper 56 60
Lead 2.5 4.50
Zinc   Remainder
Typical Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength Mpa 400
Yield Strength Mpa 200
Elongation % 20
Hardness HV 135
Heat Treatment
Annealing Heat to 425ºC - 600ºC, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section and cool in furnace.
Stress Relieving Heat to 250ºC - 300ºC, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section.
  Check Test Certificate if critical for end use.
Hot Working
Fair hot working properties within an ideal temperature range of 700ºC to 800ºC.
Cold Working
Exhibits poor cold working properties, and cold heading is not recommended.
A free cutting brass specifically developed for maximum output and longest tool life, ideally suited for mass produced brass components.
Corrosion Resistance
Has good corrosion resistance to weathering, with a fair resistance to many waters.

It should not be used in contact with ammonia, or ammonia compounds, as it may suffer stress corrosion cracking.
Provides good surface finish through either polishing, and/or electroplating.
Joining Properties
Soldering - Whilst good results can be achieved from Silver soldering, better results can be achieved from Soft soldering.

Brazing - Good results can be achieved from brazing.
Welding - Fair results can be achieved from both Oxy acetylene & Carbon arc welding. However Gas shielded and coated metal arc welding, and resistance welding is not recommended.
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