2011 Aluminium

2011 Aluminium is a high strength alloy with good machinability. Supplied solution heat treated and artificially aged to T6 temper. 2011 has poor corrosion resistance therefore parts requiring protection are usually anondised.Not recommended for welding.Used for Fasteners, Fittings, Automotive trim
Colour Code Stocked Sizes 
Red (Bar end)

20 mm to 200 mm diameter.
Bar Finish 
Cold Drawn
Chemical Composition
Min. % Max. %
Aluminium Balance
Silicon 0 0.40
Iron 0.60 0.80
Copper 5.00 6.00
Lead 0.20 0.60
Bismuth 0.20 0.60
Zinc 0 0.30
Typical Mechanical Properties: Temper T6
Condition T6
Tensile Strength Mpa 395
0.2% Proof Stress Mpa 270
Elongation on 5.65% 17
Izod Impact J
Charpy Impact J
Brinell Hardness HB 97
*Material stocked generally in condition T
Check test certificate if critical for end use.
Forging & Hot Working
Heat to 288°C to 482°C
Cold Working
Can be cold worked if necessary but must be aged heat treated to develop optimum strength
Heat Treatment
413°C hold for 2 to 3 hours, controlled cool at a rate of 10°C/hour to 260°C then air cool
Heat to 524°C soaking for 3 hours then water quench
Carbide tooling is prefered. Oils should be used for heavy cutting but light cutting can be done dry.50° top rake, 32° side rake & 10° clearance angles is recommended
 Not recommended

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